NEWS: The “making of” of AMERICANDREAM.CA trilogy

Friday October 14 2022, an audio creation!

An audio creation of Claude Guilmain's relevant and always topical trilogy is now available! [...]

Wednesday May 25 2022
The trilogy available at L'Interligne

The publisher L'Interligne has made the trilogy available online... [...]

Monday April 29th 2019
A big thank you to all!

A warm thank you goes to the technicians and actors who have shared their talent and energy over the past few weeks... [...]

Tuesday April 23rd 2019
Last rehearsal before opening

The performers and the tech team are ready for the premiere of the trilogy tomorrow at the National Arts Centre... [...]

Thursday April 18th 2019
One more week will be premiering in its entirety at the NAC French Theatre from April 24th to 27th... [...]

Wednesday April 10th 2019
Adjusting the lighting

The work continues on stage and with the technical team: the time has come to adjust the lighting. [...]

Wednesday April 3rd 2019
Rehearsals continue

Staging, behind-the-scenes discussions: the selection of this week's photos! [...]

Wednesday March 27th 2019
The actors return to the floor

The actors meet the technical team on the floor of the Glendon Theatre... [...]

Wednesday March 20th 2019
Beginning of rehearsals

The technical team is meeting at the Glendon Theatre to prepare the set... [...]

Wednesday May 30th 2018
2018 Fundraiser...

The Théâtre la Tangente invites you behind the scenes of the American dream... [...]

Sunday November 19th 2017
It is often said that we keep...

Article by Kevin Sweet, cultural reporter for ICI Radio-Canada and Le Téléjournal Ontario [...]

Wednesday November 15th 2017
On stage with the actors

Last rehearsal for the actors, in a quite relax atmosphere for some, and more studious for others! [...]

Monday November 13th 2017
Quand des Canadiens-Français...

Article by François Bergeron published in the newspaper l'Express de Toronto (French only) [...]

Friday November 10th 2017
Last tech fixes

On the agenda : adjustments of the electric motors for the panels, and framing of the video projections [...]

Thursday October 16th 2017
Marcel-Dubé Award

Claude Guilmain finalist of the Marcel-Dubé Award of the Académie des lettres du Québec [...]

Thursday August 31st 2017
Théâtre Français will be presented in Toronto at the Théâtre Français, November 16-19 2017 [...]

Friday September 4th 2015

Thank you for taking couple of minutes to answer these 3 short questions [...]

Thursday September 3rd 2015
"Program Express"

The "Program Express" with the creative team and the cast is available here [...]

Friday August 28th 2015

The actors are rehearsing their parts on stage at the Glendon Theatre. [...]

Friday July 31st 2015
Photo Album: the characters

The Cardinal Family's photo album: browse this serie of 19 photos [...]

Friday June 26th 2015
Video-shoot for Part 2

The creation of " 2, Pax Americana", is in progress. Currently, the team... [...]

Thursday June 11th 2015 in Ottawa

We will be back in Ottawa September 14 - 15 for presentation of both the chapter 1 & 2! [...]

Thursday April 30th 2015
Opening at Shenkman Centre

Join us tonight and tomorrow night in Orleans for the opening of ! [...]

Thursday March 19th 2015
World Theatre Day

As part of the World Theatre Day, the Théâtre la Tangente would like to invite you to a « 5 to 7 ». [...]

Wednesday June 25th 2014
The Modern Era of Political BS

Factual divides over whether Iraq had WMD, and whether Saddam was working with Osama... [...]

Sunday June 8th 2014
What a wonderful week!

The entire team of Théâtre La Tangente thanks you for your support and for coming to see the show. [...]

Saturday June 7th 2014 - Chapter 2

FREE: Sunday June 8th, there is a lecture of this new Chapter at the Glendon Theatre... [...]

Friday June 6th 2014
Did you know?

Louise Naubert is the recipient of the 2011 John Hirsch Award... [...]

Thursday June 5th 2014
Lighting adjustments

Guillaume came back to the theatre last week to set up the lights. Everyday during the production... [...]

Wednesday June 4th 2014
Outside the theatre's doors

Here is what happens outside the theatre's door before the show... getting ready for the box office... [...]

Tuesday June 3rd 2014
Opening tonight!

Come to the Glendon Theatre tonight, and meet the Cardinals. [...]

Monday June 2nd 2014
Final notes

Stage Manager Aurélien Muller takes the final notes for a smooth opening tomorrow! [...]

Sunday June 1st 2014
Three more days

Artistic Director Louise Naubert explaining the personality of Brigitte Cardinal to Magali Lemèle. [...]

Saturday May 31st 2014
A dedicated team

The Théâtre La Tangente: a dedicated team at work! [...]

Friday May 30th 2014
The scenographer in action

Claude Guilmain makes sure everything goes according to his plan... [...]

Thurday May 29th 2014
New imagery!

We are revealing some of the new graphics of the play... want to see more? [...]

Wednesday May 28th 2014
A week to opening!

One more week until opening night - Did you buy your tickets? [...]

Monday May 26th 2014
Who is this funny guy?

Who is this funny guy: please meet Bernard Meney! [...]

Saturday May 24th 2014
Working on the text

Rehearsals continue: working hard on the text... [...]

Thursday May 22th 2014
Louise works with the cast

Cast is back together, and ready to hit the stage in less than 2 weeks! [...]

Sunday May 18th 2014
Behind the scene

The technical crew is at work - fine tuning in progress! [...]

Friday May 16th 2014
Visit at the Theatre

A little visit from Mathew Kensett and Brandon Goncalves... [...]

Tuesday May 13th 2014
Everyone his tools!

Tools at the theatre: Duncan programs the video, along with the rotation of the panels in the software Isadora, and... [...]

Thursday May 8th 2014
Panels: upgraded

The panels have been upgraded and are now back in place. The set is ready to welcome new video projections... [...]

Friday May 2nd 2014
Shenkman Arts Centre - Chapitre 1 will be presented in Ottawa at the Shenkman Arts Centre on April 30 and May 1 2015... [...]

Tuesday April 29th 2014
Team is together

And the team is back together, in the theatre. Jessica et Dean still show the same dedication, Aurélien... [...]

Sunday April 27th 2014
Back to the studio

After a few months, we unpack again... The set will be improved and modifications are currently underway - Duncan... [...]

Friday April 25th 2014
Fundraiser - Thank you!

Our activities have been a great success during our fundraiser. Thank you all for your moral and financial support... [...]

Wednesday April 16th 2014

Tonight is our fundraiser! Join us and support theatre creation in Toronto. We'll see you at Grano's... [...]

Wednesday January 29th 2014

Tickets are now for sale at a reduced price until March 15th. Please use our online Box Office... [...]

Thursday November 21st 2013
Dealey Plaza

Dealey Plaza, Dallas, November 21st 2013, the eve of the 50th anniversary of John Kennedy's death.... [...]

Wednesday November 6th 2013
The trailer is online!

The footage of has finally been edited and you can now watch the trailer of the show... [...]

Tuesday September 24th 2013
From Vietnam to Afghanistan

The Real News - Ellsberg: From Vietnam to Afghanistan [...]

Friday September 6th 2013
Behind the scene: the team

...all the artists, actors, designers, technicians, studies who have participated in the creation of[...]

Monday June 24th 2013
Thanks to everyone...

A big thank you to all the people who came to see at the Glendon Theatre, and a very special...[...]

Saturday June 22nd 2013
Last show tonight!

Tonight, last show, last chance to see Then the entire team crissera... [...]

Friday June 21st 2013
« This is the 37th time... »

After the turmoil of the Watergate scandal, and the initiation of impeachment proceedings in the House... [...]

Thursday June 20th 2013
Special thanks to Jess & Dean

A big Thank You to Jessica and Dean, our two technical interns, who assisted us since the beginning of the project... [...]

Wednesday June 19th 2013
In the dressing rooms...

Have you always wondered about what happens in the dressing rooms, a few moments before a show opening? [...]

Tuesday June 18th 2013
Premiere of!

Here we are: the evening of the premiere! We are thrilled that audiences can finally discover our latest creation.... [...]

Monday June 17th 2013
Media Call

Today the media joined us at the theatre. Television, radio and newspapers : one interview after the other... [...]

Sunday June 16th 2013
« a man going on a journey... »

« Veillez donc ; car vous ne savez ni le jour ni l'heure. Car c'est comme un homme qui, s'en allant hors du pays convoqua ses [...]

Saturday June 15th 2013
« Peace and security... »

Speech of Stephen Harper and Barack Obama about the ongoing war in Afghanistan in 2009... [...]

Friday June 14th 2013
Welcome to our lighting designer...

A few days ago, Guillaume joined us at the theatre. The entire team now collaborates to the creation of the lighting environment... [...]

Thursday June 13th 2013
Joseph Cardinal is back in town...

« 1942. Un homme, fin trentaine, vêtu d’un complet en lin, coiffé d’un Panama est assis sur un banc de parc dans Central Park à New York. » [...]

Wednesday June 12th 2013
« Just two hours ago... »

Speech of George Bush on american television, annoucing the invasion on Iraq, on January 16 1991. [...]

Tuesday June 11th 2013
Costumes tryouts...

It's time for the cast to try the costumes. After that, this afternoon, rehearsal in the space... [...]

Monday June 10th 2013
« Dynamite... »

- It's a gorgeous car, what is it?
- It's the new charge Dodger... hum, Dodge Charger 500... [...]

Sunday June 9th 2013
Time to relax...

Sunday... looks like it's time to relax for a little bit... but it seems like our cast is in better condition than Claude and... [...]

Saturday June 8th 2013
« Méchante gang à nourrir »

Émilie : « Pas que j'm'attendais à une p'tite base broche à foin au milieu du désert... Mais là! [...]

Friday June 7th 2013
Ongoing discussions...

Claude, Louise, Aurélien and Mikaël are discussing possibilities for images. They are thinking in a 3d environment [...]

Thursday June 6th 2013
« We choose to go to the... »

JFK's eternal speech at Rice University on September 12th, 1962 setting the goal of the space race during the 1960's. [...]

Wednesday June 5th 2013
« a whole lotta fun... »

« So put down your books and pick up a gun, We're gonna have a whole lotta fun. » [...]

Tuesday June 4th 2013
« I can’t stand them... »

Pat: « A mother is not suppose to say this, but I can’t stand them. I had a great deal of trouble feeling close to them...» [...]

Monday June 3rd 2013
Brainstorming on projections

Now that the panels for the projections are ready, Aurélien and Claude can start brainstorming on the images... [...]

Sunday June 2nd 2013
Sunday rest...

It's Sunday... after working long hours all week long, it is time to enjoy the hamac provided by the theatre... [...]

Saturday June 1st 2013
Mouvements with Sylvie

With Sylvie Bouchard in the theatre yesterday afternoon, the performers explored the space in the theatre... [...]

Friday May 31st 2013
« We can do well... »

Speech of Robert F. Kennedy on April 4th 1968 on the assassination of Martin Luther King. [...]

Thursday May 30th 2013
Rolling... Action...!

On the to-do-list: wiring, setup of the electronics, software programming to control the rotors remotely... [...]

Wednesday May 29th 2013
The first shootings...

It's not a secret anymore: the Théâtre La Tangente uses a lot of videographic images in their creations. [...]

Tuesday May 28th 2013
Building the set... part 2

Three weeks before the premiere, and the building of the set is still in progress. All the pieces are custom made... [...]

Monday May 27th 2013
Graveside Ceremonies

The representatives of 80 countries attended the funerals on November 25th 1963... [...]

Friday May 24th 2013
Words of C. Guilmain

My first true memory of television, is the image of President John F. Kennedy’s funeral. [...]

Tuesday May 20th 2013
Building the set... part 1

At four weeks before the premiere, the creation of the set is the main concern of Claude, Aurélien and Duncan... [...]

Wednesday May 15th 2013
« There has been an attempt... »

Walter Cronkite annonce la mort du Président américain John F. Kennedy le 22 Novembre 1963 : « there has been an attempt on the life of... » [...]

Monday May 13th 2013
« Une belle pension »

Alain : « Lance-toi dans la fonction publique. Y'a rien comme travailler pour le gouvernement. C'est "safe". C'est stable... [...]

Saturday May 11th 2013
« An acceptable loss »

Brigitte : « Alors le 11 septembre, c'était, d'une part, le prix à payer pour des années d'interventions américaines partout dans le monde... [...]

Thursday April 18th 2013
« See, I can speak French »

Alain : « Pis la, il se tourne vers le serveur pis y crie: "Garçon!" avec un gros accent, pis y me dit: "See, I can speak French. I can order a drink..." [...]

Monday April 15th 2013
Reunion at the theatre

All members of the Cardinal family are gathered around the dining table. Up to tonight, they only had shared platitudes... [...]


by Claude Guilmain