Diplômée de l’École nationale de théâtre, Sasha Dominique a œuvré au sein de compagnies de théâtre de la région d’Ottawa ainsi qu’à Montréal. On a pu la voir à plusieurs reprises sur la scène du Théâtre de l’Île ainsi qu’à la Nouvelle Scène. À la télévision, elle a joué notamment dans Catherine, Caméra café, Tout sur moi, Une grenade avec ça?  et Toi et moi, en plus de faire quelques apparitions dans des séries et films anglophones.
Elle a remporté le Prix d’excellence artistique de Théâtre Action en 2004 ainsi que le Prix RIDEAU de l’interprète féminine de l’année en 2010.

Elle a donné à quelques reprises divers ateliers de théâtre à des adolescents dans le cadre du FTAMS en plus de s’adonner à la direction d’acteurs. Afin de perfectionner son art, elle a suivi quelques ateliers en jeu masqué, cinéma, clown, chant et écriture.

Parallèlement à son métier de comédienne, elle s’adonne à l’écriture: poésie, chant, théâtre et conte. Elle se produira avec le Théâtre de Dehors dans la pièce Le lilas africain (traduction qu’elle a faite de la pièce The Syringa Tree de Pamela Gien) en février 2016 à Ottawa et elle interprétera également son conte  Quelques lunes plus tard… à La Nouvelle Scène en mai 2016, production de la compagnie Vox Théâtre.

Sasha Dominique

A Québec City native, Geneviève moved to Toronto and enrolled in the Music Theatre Performance program at Sheridan College.

After successfully completing the program in 2010, she worked in theatre, television and corporate videos. Her experience in the theatre started with a role in Québec à la Carte, a bilingual show presented by the Jeune compagnie du Festival de Charlottetown. After that, at the Théâtre Français de Toronto (TfT), she played the role of Agnès in Molière’s L'École des Femmes.

She recently had the great privilege of performing the role of Madeleine in Michel Tremblay’s Albertine en Cinq Temps, a co-production of the Théâtre la Catapulte and the TfT.

Geneviève Dufour

Magali Lemèle is an actor, director who has worked for Le Théâtre la Catapulte, Le Théâtre de l’Île, Le Cercle Molière, Le Théâtre du Trillium, the NAC and Création In Vivo.

On a constant quest for knowledge, she has taken master classes with Christian Lapointe, Alice Ronfard, Robert Favreau, Galin Stoev, Léa Pool, Julian Boal, Omnibus and the Banff Centre.

In 2009, she directed La Pluie de bleuets and was awarded the Coup de coeur-Contact Ontarois Prize. She was also awarded the Prix d’Excellence Artistique 2010 from Théâtre Action for her touching interpretation of Xénia in Le bout du monde and she has won le Prix Rideau-création 2011 for her direction of Gino. That same year, she received the Prix Création du Ministère de la Culture de l’Ontario  and was named personality of the week by Radio-Canada. In 2013, she was among the international youth conference of creators during the FTA in Montréal. It is with feverish confidence that she co directed Je n’y suis plus for the Théâtre français of the National Arts Centre in Septembre of 2013. This new work allowed her to further her quest in developing a new scenic language. She has recently been named Co-artistic director of Créations In Vivo. 

Magali Lemèle

Bernard Meney is a graduate of the Grands Ballets Canadiens and the Conservatoire d’Art dramatique de Montréal.

In Europe, he danced for Maurice Béjart’s Ballet du XXe siècle and the Ballet du Capitole de Toulouse, among others. In Quebec, he has performed at the Quat’Sous, the TNM, the Rideau-Vert and at the NCT. He has also worked in film, as well as soap operas and TV dramas in the 1980s. Subsequently, he took part in Denis Marleau’s Théâtre Ubu adventure, where he met the choreographers Edouard Lock, Ginette Laurin and Daniel Léveillé.

After serving as head of performing arts at the Canadian Cultural Centre in Paris in 2000, he came back to Quebec to play a role in Feydeau-Haentjens ‘s On purge bébé at the Rideau-Vert in 2003. He then had a part in W. Mouawad’s Forêts, which played at Espace Go, the Trident, the National Arts Centre, the Festival d’Avignon (2009) and in Paris (2010).

He also performed in the one-man show called Comment on dit ça, « t’es mort » en anglais ?, by C. Guilmain and L. Naubert at Toronto’s Théâtre La Tangente. More recently, he was in Atik Rahimi’s Cendres for Pétrus (FTA - La Chapelle), L’Implorante and Requiem pour un trompettiste for La Tangente and the revival of Denis Marleau’s Oulipo Show at Espace Go. He also performed in Emmanuel Schwartz’s Nathan at the NAC and at the FTA’s 2012 edition.

Bernard Meney
Co-Director and actor (Maude)

Trained at le Conservatoire de Musique et d’Art dramatique du Québec à Hull and at Ottawa University, Louise has a talent for combining various disciplines. She has played more than fifty roles, directed eight readings and five productions. We have seen her in numerous productions for the Théâtre français du Centre national des Artsin Ottawa, Montréal and in Quebec. She has worked with renowned directors such as Denis Marleau, André Brassard, Denise Filiatrault, Kelly Robinson and Diana Leblanc.

Her adaptation and direction of Patrice Desbiens, Les Cascadeurs de l’amour won the first Masque de la Production franco-canadienne in 2000. She adapted and directed Claude Guilmain’s epic poem Comment on dit ça « t’es mort » en anglais?(2009)and shared with him the development and direction of  L’Implorante (2011). For le Théâtre la Tangente,she also directed Requiem pour un trompettiste (2012), Parasites au bloc (2003)as well as produced and participated in Soirée Vian, De Rome à Berlin, Tour de Chant -Tour de Terre, Soirée Prévert and Soirée Vinyle.

Artistic Director of Le Théâtre la Tangente since 2007, Louise Naubertis the recipient of the Ontario Arts Council’s John Hirsch Director’s award (2012).

Louise Naubert

A founding member of the Éternels pigistes, he played in the five shows they have presented to date.

He has also been in several productions, including Ce qui meurt en dernier, L’annonce faite à Marie, Billy Strauss, The Glass Menagerie and George Dandin. He has worked under the watchful eye of several stage directors, such as Martin Faucher, Marie Charlebois, Martine Beaulne and Jean-Pierre Ronfard. He has played in a dozen theatres, including the Théâtre du Nouveau Monde, Espace Go, Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui and La Licorne.

For thirty years, Pier Paquette has simultaneously been pursuing a career in English under the name Pier Kohl, specializing in the creation of original voices for cartoons. A seasoned puppeteer, he won a Gemini award for his collaboration in the series Wumpa’s World III. He also won the Best Actor Award in 2009 at the Short Shorts Film Festival in Tokyo for his role in the short film Buddies. He has collaborated on several TV series, including Les Grands procès, Délirium, Un gars, une fille, Annie et ses hommes, Toute la vérité, La Galère, Belle Baie, Aveux, and played the lawyer Julien Houle for four seasons of Destinées. Moreover, he was part of the TV adaptation of Rire de la mer, and had a role in the film I’m not there.

He was very recently a cast member of the series Mémoires Vives.

Pier Paquette
ANNE-SOPHIE QUEMENER - Brigitte (2013)

Since leaving the École de Théâtre du Cégep de Saint-Hyacinthe in 2006, Anne-Sophie has had an interest for both stage and film, taking part in many workshops, such as the Suzuki Method, Viewpoints and the Mamet Method (Théâtre de L'Opsis), as well as Jeu devant la caméra (Danielle Fichaud). In Montreal, she has had stage roles in Eva, Gloria, Anna, Léa (directed by Luce Pelletier) as well as in several other productions, both summer theatre and intervention theatre.

Since arriving in Ontario, Anne-Sophie has had the opportunity to discover the province by touring with various productions for young audiences, combining French and English. She has also taken part in several public readings, particularly Le Malentendu by Albert Camus, under the direction of Louise Naubert. Her first TV roles were in Contre Toute Espérance, Miss Météo and Tout Sur Moi.

Anne-Sophie Quemener
Photo: Jerry Metellus

Anie Richer has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Ottawa’s Department of Theatre. She has furthered her training with master classes in the Ottawa region and in France. For the theatre, she has acted in: Gino : le dernier morceau d’amour (Théâtre Dérives urbaines), Quelques humains (Théâtre Belvédère), V comme canard (Théâtre de l’Ile), Les Médecins de Molière (Théâtre la Catapulte et Théâtre français de Toronto) and À tu et à moi (L’Atelier).

We have seen her recently on television in Toi et moi for Radio-Canada as well as Motel Monstre where she plays the part of Kimi, for which she was nominated for a Gemini Award in 2012.

Annie Richer
GISELE ROUSSEAU - Pat (2013, 2014)

After graduating from Montreal’s Conservatoire d'art dramatique, Gisèle worked in English and French at the National Arts Centre, the Prairie Theatre Exchange, the Manitoba Theatre Centre, the Citadel Theatre and the Centaur Theatre in a variety of productions before settling in Toronto.

At the TfT, some of the plays she acted in were C'était avant la guerre à l'Anse-à-Gilles, Les Précieuses Ridicules, Bonjour, là, bonjour, and Surprise, surprise. She also played Carlotta in Johnny Mangano..., a role for which she received a Dora nomination, Arsinoë in Le Misanthrope and Diane in Fragments de mensonges inutiles.

On the French-language TV channel TFO, she played Monette in the series Les Bleus de Ramville. She also works as an announcer-narrator and as a producer.

Gisèle Rousseau


by Claude Guilmain