Sunday November 19th 2017
It is often said that we keep the best for the end...

Here is article by Kevin Sweet, cultural reporter for ICI Radio-Canada and Le Téléjournal Ontario, published on his Facebook page:

"It is often said that we keep the best for the end...

It took 7 years, and my imminent departure from Toronto, so I could finally attend the "Americandream" representation. This "I and ii of the theater company"

It is with great pleasure that I plunged into this three-Hour River show, which, once completed, will make five. I would have taken more. Snorkelling, anyone?

There's a moment in the room or one of the characters asks another: " why he was killed?" we say " collateral damage ".

These two words include the text of the text.

Collateral damage. This show is filled with small replicas that are simple like that but which have the effect of a time bomb. Because in the background there was 11 September, JFK's assassination and allusions to the cold war and Vietnam; historical moments that have done (and continue to do) collateral damage. Moments that seem so far from us but who are so close.

Inside these great dramas, there are the personal dramas of the six characters of the show. Proof that historical moments and days are not always remembered for the same reasons as everyone else. And in the end, you wonder: between war and life... What's the greatest drama? We all lead a battle.

I enjoyed all the performances of Louise Naubert, in particular, who played here a woman who had to undergo breast removal. His nuanced game broke my heart. At other times, I laughed at my throat in front of the caustic but incisif humor that only an author like Claude Guilmain could have written.

This show is imbued with great intelligence, great emotion and great ambition.

For us, who are outside Quebec, this is the kind of theater we have to demand.

It's the kind of theater we deserve."

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Photo: Marianne Duval


by Claude Guilmain